Sustainability & Ethics

We want to help you save the planet as well as your pennies. That’s why all of our organic babywear is made exclusively from the cosiest, softest and most eco-friendly materials available.As well as being sustainable, the material we use is suitable for babies’ sensitive skin. Your little one’s skin is more sensitive to irritants and chemicals, so our collection is only made from organic and untreated materials, free of pesticides and other harmful substances.There are even more benefits to clothing your baby in this safe and snuggly organic clothing – read more below and shop the collection today!

100% Organic Cotton

It’s a little-known fact that regular cotton clothing (non-organic) can suffer from fibres breaking after multiple washes – you can see the breakage building up in the bottom of your washing machine. This means your baby’s clothing won’t last long at all!

Organic cotton is different. It can last much longer than non-organic cotton, meaning you won’t see any fibre breakage until the hundredth wash. It’s one more reason why we will only use organic in our clothing!

As you will undoubtably know, baby clothes get washed and reused much more frequently than our own, making fibre breakage a big issue for parents. Although clothing made from organic cotton may cost a little more, their longevity makes them much more economical.

  • Kind to the Planet

    The materials in our baby clothes have never come into contact with any of the nasty chemicals that are typically used when harvesting cotton. This means that less of these chemicals are found in the ecosystems where the cotton is grown, meaning organic cotton is good for your baby and the planet!

  • Beautiful Designs

    All our clothes have been thoughtfully made to ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible.

  • Maximum Comfort

    To ensure your baby is comfortable, cosy and calm, none of our clothes have labels sewn into the inside neck. We know that these garment labels can irritate when in contact with sensitive skin, so we got rid of them!

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We follow the Global Organic Textile Standard

We are committed to ensuring that our manufacturers are GOTS certified. We are strong believers in socially responsible, ecological manufacturing and farming, as this is both better for the environment and those who work on the land where the cotton is grown.

This certification is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. We aspire to a high level of environmental consciousness, which is what this certification demands!

Member organisations of the Global Organic Textile Standard International Working Group include OTA (USA), Soil Association (UK), IVN (Germany) and JOCA (Japan). Together with international stakeholder organisations and experts, the respective expertise of these organisations supports organic farming, and environmentally and socially responsible textile processing.

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