Did you know around 65% of cotton on the market is genetically modified? Meaning there is only 222,000 farmers who grow organic cotton in the world, 1% of cotton farming is organic. 

Compared to other materials, organic cotton is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly, cheaper and overall better for human usage. Luckily here at Lilly and Harry we ensure our organic cotton is of the highest quality. 

Organic Cotton Supports Independent Farmers

Fortunately, organic cotton is great for independent farmers. But why? Organic cotton is cheaper to grow; organic cotton grows naturally without modified and chemically processed seeds and pesticides. Genetically modified cotton seeds are far more expensive. 

Organic cotton farmers have less injuries and fatalities due to the lack of harmful chemicals used. A study showed organic farmers are happier and more stress free!

Organic cotton is grown in many climates across our globe; 50% of the UK's supply come from India.

Organic Cotton Is Better For The Planet

We know organic cotton is cheaper to grow, and easier for independent farmers but organic cotton is not as harsh on our planet's climate compared to regular farming.

Manufacturers must adhere to very strict regulations to ensure high standards of ethics and quality - which is rewarded by being GOTs cCertified. We are proudly fully GOTs Certified and know our baby clothing is completely ethical.

The lack of chemical based fertiliser, the soil fertility increases biodiversity. 

Organic Cotton Is Better For You and Your Baby

Organic cotton products are not only softer for the skin, they are also safer. Organic products are better for sensitive skin due to the natural production being hypoallergenic which is perfect for newborns with eczema; reducing stress on you and your little one. 

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