About Us

My name is Helen and alongside my sister Mills we are the

founders/creators behind Lilly and Harry.  Our little biz was created in 2018.


We like to use fun retro designs for our capsule collections and exclusive minimalist designs for baby showers, gift giving and everyday use.

​I have always worked in product development & design and stared to gravitate towards children’s clothing.

In the meantime, Mills started to explore sustainability and how we as consumers could do our little bit.

The real challenge was finding sustainable baby’s clothing, designed, and made in the UK.

With both our passions we decided to take the huge step and start our own label.

The Making of Our Garments. 

We started off making our own garments and selling at local markets, as the business grew organically Lilly and Harry now has two factories producing our garments. Both based in the UK. I currently still make the little items when I can.


Eco - Friendly.

We always use 100% organic cotton as it’s a high-quality fabric, better on the environment/workers, lovely to work with and kind on young ones' skin.